iOS13 - derzeitige Bugs in Verbindung mit HCL Traveler

Anbei eine Liste der derzeit bekannten Fehler mit dem iOS 13.

  1. Doppelte Gesendet Ordner
    HCL Entwicklung hat den iOS Bug an Apple (FB7337231) gemeldet.
    As of iOS/iPadOS 13.0, Apple devices add an entry to the Sent folder for any emails sent from the Mail app. When the Sent folder is synced, the server entry is added and the device does not remove the original, resulting in a duplicate.  

  2. Annahme von Besprechungseinladungen senden keine Antwort an den Server
    If ghosting is disabled on the Traveler server, responding to a calendar notice from an iOS 13 device does not send the response. The meeting accept is reflected on the app but not in the user's notes calendar. iOS 13.0 and 13.1 do not send MeetingResponse requests to the Traveler server unless the event is ghosted to the calendar. HCL Development has opened an Apple bug for this issue (FB7328175).

    Workaround: Ghosting is enabled at the Traveler server by default. Check the Traveler server notes.ini parameters for NTS_CALENDAR_GHOSTING_SYNCML and NTS_IOS_CALENDAR_INITIAL_GHOST. If found, make sure that they are set to true.

  3. Es ist nicht möglich, die Entwürfe Ordner zu speichern
    The iOS Mail app, when syncing with Traveler, does not sync the Drafts folder contents with your mail file. Prior to iOS 13, it was possible to locally save a draft to the Drafts folder and work with it later on the device. Starting with iOS 13.x, when you choose to save a mail to the Drafts folder (Cancel->Save Draft), the saved draft mail cannot be found in the Drafts folder. There is no indication of an error and the draft mail content will be lost. There is no interaction with the Traveler server during this process. Apple bug FB7345257 has been opened by HCL development.

    Workaround: keiner

  4. Server Adresssuche startet erst bei EIngabe von mind. 4 Zeichen
    Starting with iOS 13.0, the iOS built-in Mail and Calendar apps waits until a minimum of 4 characters are entered before sending an address book search request to the Traveler server. This is regardless of the value specified for the Traveler server notes.ini NTS_NAME_LOOKUP_MIN_LENGTH (default of 3). This notes.ini indicates the minimum number of characters that are required before processing a search request from a device. The notes.ini does not control the minimum used by the iOS application.
    The end user must specify a minimum of 4 characters when entering an address before the client application queries the Traveler server. A blank does count as a character such that the string "abc " meets the 4 character minimum. This minimum is not customizable.
Nadine Holler | 03. März 2022 11:00:22